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Improve your borrowing capacity.

Lending institutions use a range of calculators and indicators when assessing your borrowing capacity. It's basicly assessing your income against your liabilities. To help improve your borrowing power, consider the following points.

Do a weekly budget
Understanding your current financial situation is the first step to successful money management. A budget paints a clear picture of your monthly obligations and helps you take control of your finances.

Create a savings plan
Lenders are always looking for a good regular savings history, no matter what the amount.

Record every dollar of income
Make sure all your income is highlighted, whether it be part time work, government benefits, whatever. It can increase your borrowing capacity

Reduce your credit card limit
Whether you use it not, the limit on your credit card is considered a debt. By simply reducing your limit, you increase your borrowing capacity.

Payoff personal loans
Like credit cards, personal loans decrease your borrowing capacity. It's best to pay them off as soon as possible.

Don't use department store credit cards
These cards are the same as bank credit cards and are considered a liability by lenders. n't need or don't use it, get rid of it.

Maintain a good credit history
Like your health, it's important that you look after credit history. Make sure accounts are paid on time and if for any reason you miss or struggle to make a payment, always contact your creditor as soon as possible, so between you, you can work something out. Don't let it get to the next stage which can damage your credit history and effect your borrowing capacity.

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