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Using a mortgage broker.

Mortgage Brokers are there to assist you in selecting the right type of finance for your current situation. People who choose to research financial lenders themselves would be lucky to compare 5 or 6 different products and even then, miss the best deal for them. Mortgage brokers compare hundreds every day and need to know lenders' products inside and out.

Good brokers help you through the whole process, making sure you fully understand the various elements of a lender's product, explaining it's features, it's benefits to your particular situation, as well as other aspects you may need to consider.

A good broker will also highlight to you the "true cost" of a loan and what that really means to you. Your broker will assist with your application, because they know the "ins and outs" of each lender and lodge your application. They will also do the follow-up as your application is being processed by the lender and keep you informed during the whole process.

Having said that, not all brokers are the same. It's important that when choosing a mortgage broker, you consider the following:

Make sure your broker:
- is a full-time mortgage specialist
- is free of charge
- is a member of the Mortgage & Finance Association of Australia MFAA
- has employment history within the Financial Industry
- is transparent in disclosing fees and commissions
- has access to a broad range of lenders
- is accredited with the financial lenders that they use
- is covered by professional indemnity insurance
- has specialist software to compare home loan products and electronically submit loan applications to lenders.
- has not just purchased a "franchise" mortgage broker business and called themselves a "specialist".

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